“Jump to Definition”-shortcut not accessible

The “Jump to Definition”-shortcut is not accessible for left-handed users in Xcode 9. There’s no Ctrl key on the right hand side.

Photo of left hand on Macbook trackpad, with right hand crossing above to press ctrl-key on left hand side

I’ve filed a radar with Apple:

ID: 33004913


In Xcode 9, “Jump to Definition” shortcut is now Ctrl+Cmd+click (was Cmd+click in Xcode 8). On a MacBook keyboard, there’s no Ctrl key on the right hand side. This makes the shortcut not accessible for left-handed users.

Steps to Reproduce

Use MacBook trackpad with left hand.
Hold Ctrl+Cmd down with right hand, while clicking source code token with left hand.

Expected Results

Easy access to “Jump to Definition”-shortcut.

Observed Results

On a MacBook, it is very difficult to hold Ctrl+Cmd with right hand, while clicking with left hand.

This requires crossing hands over each other.


Xcode 9 beta 1


Suggestion: Use Cmd+Option+click instead.
Option button is available on left and right hand side of keyboard.


Relevant to at least US and International Dutch keyboards.

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