Xcode 9 + iOS 10 – Preserve Superview Margins bug

Update 2017-08-25: This bug appears to be fixed in Xcode 9, beta 6.

On Xcode 9, when compiling to iOS 10; views nested in root view with “Preserve Superview Margins” enabled, have an incorrect margin of 8px.

iOS Simulator showing 8px margin

I’ve filed a radar with Apple:

ID: 33992313


Xcode 9 (beta 5) generates incorrect margins when building for iOS 10 with “Preserves Superview Margins” enabled in Interface Builder.
The same code works correct on Xcode 9 + iOS 11, and also correct on Xcode 8 + iOS 10.

Steps to Reproduce

In Xcode 9, beta 5 / iOS 10:

  • Create a “Wrapper View” in interface builder directly under root view of view controller
  • Pin edges to superview edges on Wrapper View
  • Enable “Preserve Superview Margins” on Wrapper View
  • Add subview to Wrapper View that is pinned to the Wrapper View layout margins

Expected Results

Left and right margins should be 16 or 20, depending on device.

Observed Results

Left and right margins are always 8.


Does not occur when building with Xcode 8 (for iOS 10) or Xcode 9 (for iOS 11)

Side note:
Setting explicit layout margins instead of using “Preserve Superview Margins” only works after rotating screen.
But this is probably an unrelated iOS 10 bug, as this also happens in Xcode 8.

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